Thursday, December 15, 2011

And yet I still wanted her

We are taking a little break from singing today:) Tomorrow the cats have a great song waiting!

The other day when I went to get a piece of paper to make a note and I came across the notes I took when I spoke to Hailey's foster mom Kelly, 15 or so months ago.

They say things like:
unfocused, ADHD, easier now, had to put on harness, food driven and motivated, lots of energy, pack dog, tornado, handful, bold, confident, in your face.

And yet, I decided to adopt this dog. Clearly I am the crazy one!

First picture I ever took of Lee!


  1. So many people would have run in the other direction -- not you! Apparently you love a challenge, but also knew what amazing things that crazy puppy had to offer.

  2. I did see it as a challenge and was hopeful she would settle. I think next dog will be the calm one:)


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