Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too hot too move

We had one of those rare Ottawa weekend where the heat was stifling and oppressive.  Perhaps as true Canadian girl, I prefer the cold. You can do things to stay warm when out (layers upon layers of clothes, movement), but there is not much you can do outside when it is that hot. Even being naked wouldn't cool you down!

This heat made us bad dog owners. We didn't get the dogs out like we should have. Saturday, Gemi was still recovering and really cared less. Sunday, the pair had moments when they wanted to go outside.  Half the time they asked, you would open the door, they would look outside, maybe take half a step and then come back in (I guess that little window air conditioner really works!). If they did go out it was for about 3 minutes (this meant I got my exercise standing up to let them out) and then come inside panting up a storm. Then they would lay on the floor for 15 minutes or so not moving, before asking to go out again.

When we were finally being brave enough to take them out, a freak storm hit the city. The winds were so strong they collapsed an outdoor stage. It may have been cooler, but it was not safe to go out.

I am worried about the heat and next weekend. I will be traveling 700 km with the dogs to the lake for a week. I will be alone and I am sure will need to run in to use the bathroom once or twice on the way. I will have no option but to leave them in the car. I think I will use the car started and keep the a/c running while I make the 2 minute dash to do my business!

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  1. Hey, don't feel too bad. We did much the same with our monsters this weekend. I was sitting in the backyard with Halladay on Saturday for maybe 10 minutes but that was enough. He came inside and the puked. Wookie did the same yesterday.

    So as awful as you feel, you're doing them a favour :]


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