Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach Day 1

The trip yesterday went something like this:

5:20 - up and feed the dogs and get dressed etc.
6-6:30 - at the dog park letting them run (how cool it is at 6 am)
6:30-2:15 on the road. We had 3 rest stops.
Lee engaged in some minor whining on and off between 9:30-12 (who can blame her)

2:15 - arrive at the beach!

The 4 dogs have had no problems all being together. They have played nicely. I have been feeding mine in the bedroom at the same time my parent's dogs get to eat. I don't think there would be food issues, there hasn't been issues with sharing bones etc, but since Max is still new, we thought we would play it safe.

Highlights from day 1:

My father has built gates on his deck so you can sit out and the dogs can sit out. I am guessing that from the top railing to the ground is between 7-8 feet. Hailey got on a bench and jumped off the deck and went next door to visit the neighbours. Now we know she can't just go on the deck and we will have to be careful how we tie her so she doesn't jump off an hang herself.

The four dogs can all be walked at the same time by one person. The only real challenges occur when one of the dogs poops and you have to pick it up.

When visiting the neighbours (we were invited this time) Hailey figured out how to get out of her harness.  I was able to grab her. Since she couldn't settle, I ended up just bringing her home and leaving her with my parents dog. Gemi stayed with us. All were fine when I came back 2 hours later (we were next door and outside, we would have heard them barking if there had been a problem).

If you lick a toad (yes, I had all 4 dogs by myself in the dark when Hailey met Mr. Toad, she was very scared at first and then was trying to hunt him), you get a bad taste in your mouth that apparently lasts about 10 minutes. (Today first thing she went to the 2 places she had seen toads last night to look for them, so the experience must not be too traumatizing).

I was smart enough and got my parents to push the twin beds together, so there was a little bit of room for me. I think at any time I had 3 dogs, I think one of the labs always stayed off the bed. I had to keep the door open because Hailey was just not going to settle knowing Max and Tendra were free in the next room. They all actually did great until the sun started to rise around 5, but I was able to convince them all to stay in the bed until 7.

Hailey is really struggling just to relax. We were up for nearly 2 hours before I could get her to pee this morning. She is very stressed right now (even though we just came in from a big walk). I wonder if some of it has to do with the fact that Tendra and Max are out for their walks (we all went our own ways this morning, I am sure there will be lots of group walks in the coming days). She is a much easier dog at home when I can just put her in the backyard and leave her! Hopefully it will get easier as she adjusts. She is not being bad per say, she is just busy.

Gemi is having no problems with relaxing. I think all the fresh air and exercise is just tiring her out!

This afternoon will be time to see if Hailey will swim!

The corner of the deck Lee jumped from

Me with Gemi, Max, Lee and Tendra going on our first group walk

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