Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Manic Monday

Monday's are hard days for Lee. She has had us all weekend and our lives revolve around errands and entertaining her, so a day alone on Monday is hard.

I made extra sure to give her a great walk yesterday morning. I even snuck out without Gemi (who was very angry when we got home). It was a great walk. I got home and found:

1) she had chewed a plastic buckle off my gym bag - at least the bag is ok.
2) she had somehow gotten a pair of shoes (both my husband and I were sure they were in the cupboard, but I guess not). Fortunately it does not appear she has chewed them. One was in the hall, the other was in Gemi's pile (perhaps Gemi rescued it for me).

So I could live with these things, but then she was very bad.
I had cut myself a wonderful piece of chocolate banana bread. It was on the counter, I hadn't pushed back far enough while I turned to get something out of the fridge. She grabbed it off the counter and eaten it and then ran and hid. I am sure the small amount of chocolate in it will not kill her, although let me tell you I wanted to.  I put her outside and cut myself another piece and ate it in peace!

Drew faced similar challenges making dinner. She was up at the counter every time he turned. Our girl has become a great counter surfer and it is driving us nuts! Maybe we should just get higher counters. If only their was an award for counter surfing!

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  1. That's the plus side of having small dogs. Well, small dogs who can't jump that high, anyway. One of my girlfriends has a terrier mix who jumps up on the counter and then on top of the fridge. When she came home one day the dog jumped on top of her.

    Ella is starting to discover our weaknesses, too. I thought we were puppy proofed, but apparently not. It's amazing what a dog will do for good food. ;] Heck, I may have counter surfed for that chocolate banana bread, too..


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