Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day Conversations

Lady: "The Snow birds are coming, let's go out and look."
Man: "Cool."
Lee: "Birds, I love birds. Oh no, what is that noise? I don't like it. Why are we going out when there is that noise? What type of birds are those? I will stick to chasing robins."

(This conversation was had as the Snow Birds circled over our house after their fly over. The man and lady enjoyed seeing them).

Gemi: "Stop that noise. Stop exploding things. It is interfering with the Princess' beauty rest. Stupid Canada Day, first I am not the only Princess in town and now this."
Lee: "The world is ending. Barking did not help. Now I am sitting and panting and shaking. Make it stop, make it stop."
Lady: "Lee it is just fireworks you will be ok."
Lee: "It is the weirdest thunder I have ever heard, make it stop. I hate it. I hate it."
Lady: "Oh Lee you will be ok. Let's just watch some TV."

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