Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The challenge

The man faced his great challenge ever yesterday while the lady was driving back from working out of town.

During a thunderstorm he had to get Gemini and only Gemini out of the house. Miss Hailey Bug was determined to go as well and it took a lot of tricking and blocking to get just Gemi out of the house.  (Note: the lady would have taken both with her to avoid this. It probably would have been easier).

When the lady returned about 30 minutes after the challenge she was greeted by an out of control Miss Bug. Bug jumped in circles and was frantic. She was pacing and panting and near hysterical. There was no thunder when the lady returned and she did not know it had happened.

After approximately 10 minutes, Miss Bug relaxed a little and went into her fortress of solitude. After another 15 minutes she would come and get love from the lady.

When Gemi arrived home shortly after, Miss Bug was beside herself to see her. She went and greeted her enthusiastically. Gemi was not as happy to see her, she was more thrilled to see the lady.

Gemi will be having some dental surgery on Friday to get her teeth cleaned and some xrays. The lady needs to work out of the house that day. Here is hopping that the Bug doesn't destroy the place.  

Bug in her fortress of solitude

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