Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 3 - Hailey loves life

I think it is best to describe Hailey as having an amazing love for life. That is what we all keep telling ourselves this morning as she is being very annoying. She had us up too early doing her pup things. I tried to get her to settle this morning, but she would not have any of it. After I took the four for their morning business I was delusional that I may actually get to go back to sleep. I crawled in the bed, but then Max and Tendra came with me and Lee would have none of that and started barking at them. We got up, so did my parents.

This morning Lee has already had several adventures. One, as always, she knows at feeding time my parents are going to open the door to the magic cupboard that leads to the land of food. She knows if she waits out of sight they will forget about her and not sit/stay her (a skill she is getting a lot of practice doing). Then at the right moment she leaps and gets her whole head and upper body in the bag. She knows if she plays her cards right she can do this 2 times at every meal, when they first open the cupboard to get the dishes and food and when they put them away. Scolding her has no effect, she has her food, she was a wild hunter!

Because clearly we don't feed her, she was forced to help herself to some human food. My mom made the mistake of leaving her bagel on the counter within puppy reach and she left the room. In her stealth mode we didn't hear her get up and eat half of it. When my mother returned to the room, she immediately fled from the scene (she knows it is bad), leaving a few scraps that Gemi hoovered up. Eliminating counter surfing will be goal number 1. (FYI because Gemi now has a taste for bagel, she is sat beside me making puppy moaning sounds to beg for some).

With a very full belly, my girl is now sleeping peacefully. She has been up for 45 minutes and I guess accomplished all her goals for before 7:15. Can't wait to see what other adventures she gets into today!

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