Sunday, July 3, 2011

The bed

We are the dog owners who allow the dogs to sleep in our bed at night.  I had originally hoped that we would train Lee to sleep on the floor (she takes up a lot of room in the bed). However, my attempts to do so were blocked by the other person in the bed. This made a full bed, extra full on nights we let the cats in the room.

Recently, and I don't know why (perhaps due to the window A/C and fans) Miss Hailey Bug has decided the bed is not for her, but rather her spot is in the cave under the bed. This has meant way more space glorious space in the bed. Gemi hardly takes up any room, she curls up in a little ball by feet.

Generally, as soon as I start to stir, Lee comes out from the cave excited to be alive. Often around 5:30am she joins us in the bed to see if we are awake (she is ready to start her day, she can't understand why we are not facing life with the same excitement!)  The other morning I got up, went to the bathroom, and she still wasn't out. I called her and she didn't come out. Finally, we looked and because of the placement of a laundry basket by the bed she was stuck. She didn't make a noise she was just sitting stuck in her cave.  What a girl!

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