Saturday, July 9, 2011

Puppy kitty torture

Bagheera here. I never get to be part of the blog so I took it over today. Half my life has been part of a dog infested world. I have tried a lot of things to get those beasts out of my house. I tried beating them (which worked until the dog got larger than me). I tried ignoring them and the people who stupidly brought them here. That didn't work. In fact they continued to bring dogs in. Since the disappearance of the first dog I have tried to be more tolerant of the current two. They are girls which makes them less offensive and for the most part they listen to my bitching to tell them to leave me alone, and I use Nin as bait for them so they leave me alone.

However, I still don't love their presence in my house. And even thought I will now come up and get love when they are in the house, I am often looking for a way to make their lives a little less happy.

I found a great one. The people keep the dogs locked in their bedroom at night. This means I get the run of the house. This is great. But in the early morning hours, Nin and I go outside the bedroom door and whisper things about how we are playing with the dogs toys and eating their food. The white one is not fooled by this (but she is my favourite, if I were to have a favourite dog), but the black one, she goes crazy. She will scratch and scratch at the bedroom door. The people will try and ignore her or scold her but in the end they always end up getting up with her. I get to stress her out and make the people who ruined my world by bring those stupid things into the house a little less happy. I love to torture her.

Some  may suggest cats are dumb. We may not be the smartest animal in the world, but we are definitely the most vengeful, so don't mess with us.

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