Sunday, October 24, 2010

What's your breed?

The first questions people ask you about your dog are “What’s his/her name?” and “What kind/breed are they).  My answers to this are Hailey, mutt and a brief summary that she is rescued. Most people are ok with this and tell you a story about a mutt they know, and maybe  make some guesses about what kind of dog she might be (that is kind of fun!).

Other people seem to need to know what she is. One gentleman was so bothered by this fact he said I need to get her genetically tested. Yes for like $100 I can order a kit from Texas, swab her and mail it back to find out her breed. Personally I can think of a lot better things to do with $100.

Last week when at the pet store looking for a new crate, it seemed really important to the woman helping me to know her breed. I thought all she needed to know was that she was strong enough to destroy some crates.

When pushed I say “probably some sort of Sheppard lab mix, with something that makes her small.”

While unlike some people, I do not loose sleep over having a breed-less dog, I do enjoy speculating on what she could be.

Here are our clues:
She was rescued with 5 other puppies. The shelter said they were one litter (although to save the dogs sometimes they group dogs together about the same age who are not a litter). 3 of the dogs were clearly part Catahoula (hence how she ended up with a Catahoula rescue), 3 were not. Litters of dogs can be “strange” because you can have 2 fathers.

So she could be part Catahoula.

I tried to put in pictures of her siblings, but for some reason I can’t cut and paste them in and I don’t have them as images. Houdini looks much more like a Sheppard Mix. Hailey does have brown feet and markings up her back legs.

So Hailey could be Sheppard.

Hailey has webbed feet. Only some breeds have this, labs being one of them.

So Hailey could be part Lab.

Other guess have included:
Schipperke, Pincher, and Cattle Dog.

At the end of the day, she is a lovely mysterious mutt! And maybe when asked “What’ your breed?” she should say “Guess, but so you know I am a Capricorn!”

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