Sunday, October 31, 2010

House of Horrors

Miss Hailey Bug and Gemini Cricket were held captive on Halloween. Both were dressed up, not once but twice and forced to pose for others amusement. Miss Cricket would like to point out that even the dead are not left alone in this house of horrors, the remains of her best friend Loki were also dressed up and were posed in the picture as well.

Both dogs believe they escaped by “going along” with what the crazy lady wanted. The crazy lady said in her defence that perhaps if more than 5 trick or treaters came to her house she would have been preoccupied enough and not had to make her own fun! Besides she can only get away with dressing them up once a year, so she is going to make the best of it!

Miss Cricket says when it is her time to go, she is being sure to come back as a ghost and haunt these people!

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