Monday, October 25, 2010

Destructo Dog Strikes Again

The new crate purchased less than a week ago was the scene of another crime. This afternoon, while trapped in the crate of steal, Miss Hailey Bug of Ottawa, destroyed the plastic liner. The humans of the house are impressed that it lasted 4 days (that is how many days she was crated since it was first purchased).

There was another victim to this crime, the sheet that was being used to keep her comfortable. Fortunately, the humans of the house have a plethora of old sheets from a Halloween past and will be able to renew her supply without breaking the bank.

Miss Gemini Cricket is in an uproar. She wants to know how long Miss Bug’s reign of terror will continue. Tomorrow, professional help (aka the dog trainer) will be coming for an assessment. We will keep you posted on this ever developing story.

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