Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Loki!

Today Loki would have been 9. Loki was a fantastic dog (other than the whole autoimmune disorder) and here is why:

He loved to run away and be free and give us heart attaches.
When he was ticked off he would huff at you.
He loved to be dirty and stinky and roll in dead things.
He did not eat poop.
He had sensitive paws and you had to force him outside when it was cold. He wouldn’t wear boots.
He was very lazy.
He was a beggar for food.
He did his commands when he felt like it.
He was a very humpy little guy and destroyed toys humping them to death.
He humped poor Nin more than Nin appreciated.
He was an excellent cat hunting partner with a high success rate.
He hated to be dressed up (which made it more fun!)

When we first got Miss Bug, Drew had a dream that Loki was laughing at us. I am sure he is (and cursing at us a little for dressing up the urn!)

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