Friday, October 29, 2010

Graduation Notice

Kristen and Drew, along with Gemi, Baggy and Nin, are thrilled to announce the graduation of Miss Hailey Bug from Basic Training. Miss Bug will be working hard to maintain her skills and will be considering graduate school in the New Year. For the rest of the fall she will be participating in agility classes.

At the graduation Miss Bug was awarded the coveted “Loudest Barker” award (not to be confused with the Most Barking award). She also was voted “Most Submissive” by her peers.

When asked to comment on her progress her trainer said “She has really come along. She has done a great job.”  Miss Bug did make exceptional progress in the short time she was at school (perhaps too much as the blog may becoming a little boring some days!)

As for progress at home, it has been suggested that Miss Bug is too spoiled and has free access to too many things. Others in the house are going to try and implement the recommended treatment to this “Nothing for free”, increase her exercise and teach new tricks weekly to keep her engaged.

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