Wednesday, October 13, 2010

At least she is cute

Puppy school stats:
Sit: 97%
Down: 100% (sometimes not always in the right position, but down)
Stay: Max time – 35 seconds (current target time 2 minutes)
Recall: 100%
Walk on by (this means we put distracters on the floor, toys, cookies and practice walking on by): Obsessive pulling 100%, nice walking 0%. She hasn’t pulled like that for weeks! (At least squirrels go away eventually).

Other distractions – Vegas. We kept ending up beside her, and she kept going crazy trying to get to Vegas. I couldn’t figure it out at first why Vegas was so exciting today. Vegas has motivation issues so they are always looking for treats for her. This week they were trying cheese and Vegas was often spitting it out. My Hoover, I mean Hailey, wants to eat it up.

Not the best, but at least she is cute!

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