Saturday, October 16, 2010

Girls Night Out

Last evening the girls and I joined my sister and a friend went to “Fashions for Fido.” This was a fashion show for a local rescue agency that focuses on special needs dogs. I was very good and I didn’t come home with another dog! I also realized I am not the craziest dog owner there (I didn’t even take my camera or dress my audience dogs up).

  • We sat in the front row at the end (this gave the dogs more room than the other seats)
  • Lee got so distracted by a piece of the cookie on the floor she almost pulled my arm off trying to get to it
  • When the show started Lee started a room of dogs barking and still was the loudest barker (a few people commented on her barking after the show)
  • Lee did not bark the most
  • Gemi figured who had the cookies and would sit nicely and score the treats after the show
  • The 3 lb dog in the lady in the audience’s Louis Vuitton purse who was wearing a neck tie
  • Neither of my dogs peed on people’s things/other dogs
  • When Lee needed a break after the show, she went behind my chair and just lay down
  • The professional dog photographer was taking pictures for donations and both my girls sat right beside each other (they looked like they liked each other) and they stayed pretty well (given the distractions etc etc)
  • Overall, both my girls were very good and not embarrassing! (Which is a plus because it was held at our puppy school, although makes a slightly boring blog entry.)

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