Saturday, August 3, 2013

Jail Time

Hailey in jail

Last week, a girlfriend and her two children aged almost 5 and 3 came over to visit and go to the beach.  [Live in cottage country, you get visits like this, which is great and what we want].  I knew Hailey would be upset by the kids, but thought she would settle. She did not. She kept barking and barking, which made the kids nervous, which made her more nervous. I tried putting her on her leash, didn't help. Eventually I dragged her to the crate and put her in. I didn't take her leash off because while I was trying to put her in the crate, Emma had taken to nipping the kids ankles (which they really didn't like - they are not kids who are use to dogs), so I had to go and get her little crate and put her in. Imagine Hailey is barking, the kids are crying, Emma is whining and then the phone was ringing. The house was chaos!  In all of this, Hailey chewed her leash in half. Fortunately I have a spare (and next time I am at the pet store will pick up more as she does this a lot).

Hailey did settle in the crate. When we went to the beach I let her out, but put her back in when we came back. She was much calmer after our return. 

Emma in jail
Where was Phod in all of this? He was sitting on his chair or standing at the sidelines after he had sniffed and licked everyone. Once the house got quiet the kids wanted to pet him, which he loved. 

The cats?  They were sleeping in their favourite spots and didn't move!

It was a lesson for me on her feelings when nervous kids are around. While I don't like to put her in jail, it seemed the safest for everyone and did allow me to visit with my friend.

Side Note: Today is the Man and my anniversary. We have been married for 87 million years because we got married very, very young. To the Man, Happy Anniversary! 


  1. Oh yikes! We put Monty away in his crate when we know kids are coming. I don't think he would bite, but he has been known to scratch and knock kids over.

    Happy Anniversary!


  2. We can just picture the chaos. Happy anniversary. We wish you both many more. May you have a fantastic day.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Sometimes you just gotta go to jail for your own good -- or at least that's what my mom tells me! Happy Anniversary!!

  4. Maybe you should get a Lupine leash. They will replace the leash even if your dog chews it :) We use a different harness now but Gretel chewed three of them!

  5. Being in jail is sometimes the safest place to be, so we understand completely (tho we hate our crates!)

    Happy Anniversary :)

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  6. Sounds like quite a day, but glad you managed to figure out the best solution for everyone.
    Happy anniversary!

  7. Yikes....a little "visitor trauma" in the midst of celebrating your 87 millionth anniversary! Well, I'm glad the visit went well and I hope you and your man have a FABULOUS celebration of a most wonderful occasion ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL those years ago! :D

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)

  8. Having company can really cause havok! Happy Anniversary - 87 years (or was it 87 million years?) is sure a long time!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Dear Lee,

    I do not like the little people called "children" either. They are loud, and unpredictable, and if they can get close enough they pull on my fur and my tail. So I understand!

    Ojo is like Phod - she doesn't really care. Which I just don't get, to be honest.

    Happy anniversary to your people!


  10. Happy Anniversary! Sometimes I move the hounds into the living room and put up the gate when we have young ones. Makes me more comfortable especially if the kids don't know how to act nicely with dogs.

  11. Maybe you won't have to worry about those visitors again!!! We get banished to the bedroom when there are guests.

    Happy Anniversary!

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

    Don't feel bad. Dakota isn't used to children either. On the rare occasion that we have TWO here who are both under 5 yrs old, we keep his leash on the entire time (we don't crate him though). He is more calm when we keep him on his leash and it enables us to grab him if the kids start annoying him

  13. Happy Anniversary! Purrsonally, I'd put the 3 & 4 year olds in the slammer instead of the pup but the Human says I am being obnoxious. I don't really think so though. Ha ha meow!

  14. Our niece, Gracie, the miniature Schnauzer barks and barks whenever we go visit her family. Her parents usually put her in another room or the garage or outside. I also put Shiner up whenever people come over to the house if she doesn't know them well. She will bark at them and she has kind of a scary bark lol.

  15. It's hard on dogs when they do not "grow up" with little people around. Rubie is the same - surrounded by adults all her life and her experience of children is on walks and at parks when they see her, squeal, then rush towards her..... I'd be scared too. We have also found keeping a leash on will calm her down quicker if children happen to visit - the last visit took 15 minutes of schnauzer barking to calm down..... If we would have put her into another room - the barking would have gone on forever! Oh the joys.

    Rubies mum xxx

  16. Happy Aniversary..WooHOOOO.. Kid's frighten me and make me nervous, we don't get tiddlers at house xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie


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