Friday, August 16, 2013

Feline Friday - Who done it? Joke Day and a contest

We have a lot going on today Friday August 16th!

First our regular Feline Friday: This is the mystery of who done it or was it even done?

Nin - Angry cause he was locked up!
On Tuesday Lady and Man thought they saw blood in the cat litter box. Given that both cats seemed fine and were acting their normal selves, the Man and Lady devised a plan. Lady would pick up a second litter box and they would separate the cats that night and find out who had the problem. The cats were very unhappy being separated, there was lots of yelling in the night. When Man and Lady got up in the morning they checked the litter out. Baggy was in the upstairs bathroom and to show his displeasure peed all over the floor. What was great about this (the floor is white) is Lady could see there was no blood. Nin was in the basement and the litter looked fine. So Man and Lady are wondering if it even happened . . . it is a mystery!

Today Ranger is hosting Tell a joke day.

Phod does not think this joke is funny!
Here is our joke (we don't know many blog appropriate ones, Lady likes inappropriate jokes best).

A dog walks into a bar.
The bartender looks at him and says "I'll pour you something strong. You are looking a little ruff!"

ROFL! [Note Ranger didn't say it had to be a good joke]

Lee's teacher pet picture. Please know
she is scared of the rum so this was a
 challenge to get!

Also, Sammy is hosting a School Daze contest.
Hailey has entered the category of "I wanna be teacher's pet" and has submitted a picture of what she would give a teacher as a gift to be teacher's pet. She has submitted a picture of her beside Cuban Rum that Man brought back from Cuba this year (note: Canadians can visit Cuba no problem!). Lady says that after living with Lee for nearly 3 years (her Gotcha Day is approaching soon) she knows the best way to deal with Hailey's antics is a good strong drink. Please pop over and vote for her.

Tomorrow our plan is to catch up with your comments and the other adventures we have had this week!

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh dear the mystery of the litter box? We are now feeling a bit ruff trying to figure out what could it be? Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. At the second photo it looks angry:(

  3. MOm is the worst joke teller in the world cos she Always forgets the punchlines!!!! Mom thought that Cuban rum looked pretty good...we will pop over there right now and vote.
    stella rose

  4. Maybe a SQUIRREL got in and did that to the litter pan!! They are really sneaky.

    LOVE your JOKE!!!

    As a retired teacher... our mom said that is a PERFECT gift fur a teacher... esp. on Staff Meeting Nights...

  5. Good One. RUFF !!!! BOL.
    Thanks for playing along.

  6. Bwahaahaa! Love the joke. SHE only knows inappropriate ones, as well.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. Maybe it was ketchup in the kitty litter.

    That was a bad joke. We would like to hear an inappropriate one please.

    We like your teacher gift.

  8. That litter box mystery sure is puzzling **scratches head with paw** but glad they both seem fine.

    The Rum is a cool present, off to place my vote now, good luck

    ""Ruff"" Now dat is funny and did make me smile. Dat would make a great "Smile it's Friday" which runs on my blog every week end if your interested :o))

    Have a pawsome weekend xxxx

  9. Glad that "maybe blood" thing was a hallucination in the litter box - that's not a GOOD thing! The joke? Bwaaahahahahahaha.....that's truly so BAD that it's GOOD......and of course I LOVE the rum photo that's in my contest because everybody thinks it's the purrrrfect gift to insure a Teacher's Pet status!!!! Happy Caturday!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  10. Well that sure was a mystery and good job Humom didn't slide in the pee BOL..We are going over to Sammy to vote, we loves rum :) have a great weekend xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie


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