Saturday, December 11, 2010

Smart Dog

Miss Hailey Bug of Ottawa is restless after a week of not going for walks. The Lady would like to remind her and everyone that she has tried to get Miss Bug out, but Miss Bug has refused due to the cold. Boots will be purchased for Miss Bug today.

This morning things were made worse when the Lady and the Man tried to sleep in. Miss Bug had enough sleep and was a crazy dog in the bed. After the third or forth time she had landed on the Lady’s head, the Lady decided she would get up. So not to pair getting up with getting fed and not to encourage this type of behaviour in the future, the Lady decided to wait a bit to feed her. Miss Bug did not like waiting, especially after watching the cats getting feed. Miss Bug’s communication skills are limited; however, she was able to clearly indicate she was ready to eat. She did this by going to the door and scratching it. As soon as the Lady stood up, Miss Bug ran to the kitchen and stood beside her bowl. The Lady was so impressed by this way of communicating, she did reinforce her by getting her breakfast. Miss Bug is very smart.
Dogs resting after a morning of play

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