Monday, December 6, 2010

Not a Canadian Dog

It is a beautiful crisp winter day here (I know, it isn’t winter yet but close enough). The ground is covered in a layer of snow. The temperature is a lovely -8 (degrees Celsius), -15 with the wind chill.

I bundled up this morning for the walk figuring I would be colder than Lee. Turns out, Lee was the one who found it too cold. We walked about 8 houses when 3-legged dog syndrome kicked in. She hopped along a little before she sat down and refused to go forward.  She looked up at me with the saddest eyes ever! Realizing that carrying her that far would not be good for me, I warmed her paw up between my hands so she could make it home. The 3 legged dog syndrome stopped until we were one house away and another paw started to hurt. She saw the house and kept on hopping and we made it home!

I had assumed that being from Ohio (with average lows that range from -6 to 32 degrees Celsius) would make her a hardy dog. Turns out, she is not. I guess our next adventure is going to be to teach her to wear boots! That, or hope she gets use to the cold!

We will see how she does home alone all day without a morning walk. Keep your fingers crossed that my couch is safe today.

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