Sunday, December 5, 2010

Agility 4

This is the ring

This is the chute

Today was a much better class than last week. No treats got spilt on the ground and a few dogs walked by but didn’t come in. We are into the big league now and by the end of the day we did the big course.

The big course:
Teeter totter  - ring – A frame – 2 jumps – turn around – 2 jumps – over the bridge – through the tunnel.

What Hailey doesn’t like:
Teeter Totter (Today she was scared of it for some reason and kept trying to jump off, we will have to work on it)
Ring –(Today was the first day we used it and she isn’t sure about it)
Jumps – she likes doing one but thinks it is stupid to do 2 in a row.

Hailey’s favourites:
Bridge, A frame  and Tunnel
New fav: Probably the chute. We got to try it at the end of the day and she loved this!

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