Monday, December 13, 2010


On a cold winter day, Miss Bug was in the backyard enjoying a romp when the enemy entered the yard. Miss Bug went into hunting mode, first trying to get under the deck from the side, then from the top. Calling her did not distract her from this hunt. Then when she was on top of the deck trying to figure out how to get under it, the enemy took off. In several large hoops the little brown bunny was out of the yard. Miss Bug was hot on the trail, but was stopped by the hedge. Those watching took a deep breathe, was the yard set up going to contain Miss Bug? Was she going to escape from the yard? Why didn’t she put her collar on earlier today? A history of a small dog named Loki escaping after bunnies made this extra stressful. The yard contained the beast and after several desperate moments of trying to figure out how to get out, Miss Bug gave up and came in. She is ready to protect the yard next time.

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