Sunday, December 19, 2010


Miss Bug has been seeking her revenge on her humans who she believes are mistreating her. Her grievances include: being left alone, not being fed enough, not getting attention 24/7, and continual being dressed up to look like a fool. (See attached photo for an example). To date she has felt her grievances have not been heard by the humans, so she has began her revenge campaign. This includes peeing on the landing of the stairs, and eating shoes. So far she has chewed one pair of Merrels, the insoles out of one pair of runners, eaten the back out of a pair of runners that should have been in the garbage, and chewing the back of one sandal. These behaviours only occur when Miss Bug is left alone.

In retaliation, the humans are trying to find a way to contain Miss Bug when they have to leave her alone. Lady is wondering if it is cheaper to give up her job and stay home with Miss Bug!
An example of the humiliation Miss Bug faces at the hands of her owners.

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