Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Graduation

Miss Bug and the Man going on the bridge

Miss Bug having just completed the tire entering the small tunnel

Miss Bug about to take on the A-frame
The Lady and Gemi and thrilled to announce that Miss Hailey Bug and the Man have successfully completed introduction to agility.

Miss Bug made great improvements in each of the obstacles. Her favourite are the tunnel and the bridge. She is less sure of the teeter totter and jumps. She needs to continue working on her confidence when off leash. As soon as she is unclipped, she stops listening. Miss Bug is enrolled to start Intermediate obedience in the New Year to work on this.

The Man also made great improvements. He is able to remember the course and provide appropriate cues.  He needs to work on which hand to give the cues. He is enrolled in introduction to agility for small dogs in the New Year where he and Gemi will give this a try.

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