Thursday, March 23, 2023

Watch Your Back - by Lee

Dear pals,

I had a very stressful four days last week because my arch nemesis, Charlotte, was staying next door. Unfortunately, the snow barrier kept me from running over and trying to fight with her. However, she and I exchanged a lot of words. 

If I was inside and heard her bark, I barked. If we were both outside, we barked a lot. Sometimes Callie joined in.  There were a lot of rude words exchanged. 

Until we can meet in person Charlotte . . . . 

Editor's note: Charlotte is Callie's grandfather's dog. She is a weimaraner. When he lived out here he had a lovely one named Ghost. However, he fostered a not so nice one Shadow, who attacked Phod several times. Since then, both dogs have been cautious around his weimaraners. I am not 100% sure why Hailey has decided she hates Charlotte. She truly wants to fight her. While Charlotte barks, she is very fearful and when Hailey comes towards her, will try and run away. As she only visits occasionally, we just keep Hailey on leash if we know Charlotte is around (and we usually do because we hear her bark!)


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  1. Oh dear, let's hope daNelly and daPhenny don't read this post ... and let's hope "da"Charlotte goes home soon (before "da"snow melts).

  2. dogs are not allowed out off leash here, we sit right on top of each other and we live on busy streets dangerous to dogs, Beau and the 3 new pitties bark at each other if they are outside, but not while inside

  3. Hari OM
    There is no acounting for some folks, eh Hailey? My angel Jade took against the big black standard Poodle that used to walk past our house every day... she REALLY hated that dog and that dog's mum and I were left forever wondering why... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. We have the same conversations with one of the dogs that lives in a house next to our property. It gets left outside until it barks up a storm, so someone comes and lets it in. We wouldn't say that we dislike this dog since we've never met but we don't like to hear it barking so much.

  5. charlotte is a weimaraner? oh wow!!! we would love to meet her. to be honest, the most dogs hate weimaraners. maybe they are not enough dog but more human LOL

  6. I totally get it Hailey, sometimes I hate dogs for no reason whatsoever....

  7. OH no Lee...humans are that way sometimes (but we don't bark) we like who we matter the species. I know you, Phod, Lady and Man will find this very very hard to believe but for some reason the 2 1/2 year old Burmese Mountain/Poodle, mix Louis does not like me No clue why. I have never even touched him. The times I come up to him and his staff he starts lunging before he is even near me. None of us can explain it. Once a group of 3 were talking on the corner. Louis and his mom came up on us. He eagerly greeted 2 of the 3. When he looked at me, he growled. One of the other neighbors said why is he growling at you. I said I have no idea. His Mom said nothing. You know I like all creatures great and small. I have never had a dog react like this to me. There are dogs all over our cul de sac. All great me with wagging tails and play bows. His staff had a baby when Louis was about 11 months old. When the baby became mobile I started to know how toddlers grab at everything.
    Anyway nothing I can do....just a mystery.
    Hugs and Happy Nature Friday

  8. That's sad to hear. We often see and hear other doggies in the area, but so far none of them have seemed unfriendly.

  9. I often hear a strange dog barking in the distance, then I realize it is me and all is well

  10. Poor Hailey. Neighbours can be stressful.


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