Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Travel Tuesday - Curacao - by the Lady

 Our second port was Curasao, which I admit, I had no idea how to say (cure-a-soh) before going. The C in the ABC islands is a constituent country of the Netherlands. It is the largest of the ABC islands in both area and population (about 155 000 people). Tourism is the one of the most important parts of the economy, and on our tour, we saw the effects of not having tourists during the pandemic. 

The Man picked the excursion for this island and picked one that took us to an Ostrich Farm.  Created as a draw for tourists, during the shut down of the pandemic they were unable to pay for the electricity to run the incubators for the eggs. Further, they had to sell some of the ostriches for meat.  In spite of these challenges, they really hope to recover. 

They had other animals too! 

An emu

An emu

A female with her egg

I admit - I don't love ostriches and emus - they kind of creep me out with their dinosaur bird type movements, but I did enjoy spending some time with them. This is a young male. 

They had a problem with the organs they couldn't sell. The stray dogs were getting into them. So they brought in crocodiles to eat the left over parts. However, the diet left the crocs with no teeth!

After visiting the farm, we had a quick stop at Hato Caves, where we watched bats (also not a favourite) fluttering around. The caves were very humid and people were dripping in sweat in them. 

Thanks for joining us on the Curacao adventure. Next week we visit beautiful Bonaire and learn a lot about slavery. 


  1. oh wow!! that cave ... and that crocs!! ... and this giant egg....eggs-cellent!!!

  2. sad to hear about the loss of the big birds and eggs. life is sometimes cruel. Emus and ostriches OH MY! peacocks are pretty but scary.

  3. Hari OM
    Oh... an informative visit, if not necessarily a hugely uplifting one! Here's to lots of recovery for the farm. Cheers from the Hutch - outside which, today, snow is falling!!! YAM xx

  4. Curacao sounds like such an interesting island!

  5. Curacao Ostrich and friend farms was quite interesting. The peacock was beautiful.
    Some of the ostriches look as if they are smiling. I do hope their recovery from pandemic continues.
    Hugs and I DO NOT go where bats 'hang out'. I know they are essential eat skeeters. They stay in their territory and I'll stay out of their hang outs.

  6. We never would have thought you could find an ostrich farm on a tropical island.

  7. Those ostriches and emus are indeed funny looking creature. And whoever heard of a crocodile with no teeth!

  8. What an adventure. I bet those birds kind of smelle.d


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