Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Travel Tuesday - Saint Lucia - by Lady

While this was the poorest island we visited (it is the 5th poorest in the Caribbean with a gross national income of $9 520 US - compared to $64, 310US in the US and $52 390US for Canada), this was my favourite island. I fell in love with the mountains, not a surprise as I have crafted a life to live in them.
After switching between English and French control 14 times, Saint Lucia is currently a member of the British Commonwealth. Just over 180 000 people call the island home. Like the others, tourism is essential to the economy.

We took a bus tour across the island. This was like a crazy long rollercoaster, but less safe. The roads were steep, narrow, and everyone drove too fast and tailgated. Somehow we made it from the port to our destination and back in one piece. This was definitely not a trip for those who get motion sickness.

Usie in the bus - just in case we didn't make it back alive:)

Looking down at our ship

A cove

We stopped to look at the Pitons. The Pitons are what is left of two lava domes (also referred to as volcanic plugs).  Our tour had us stop and look at them but not climb them, as some tours did. (A reason to go back).

Taken at a stop on the way back down as the sun was setting

The main stop on our tour was La Soufriere Drive in volcano. You can drive right up on the crater. It is the youngest and only live volcano on the island. It is expected to erupt again. I know when I think of active volcano, I imagine fire. However, Soufriere's above ground activity, is hot springs and bubbling mud.

Volcanic activity

After the volcano, we made a stop at a small garden. 

Here our guide told us all about the plants on the island and while I retained nothing, I enjoyed this small stop. 

As we were about to leave the gardens, we got a tropical shower. It didn't last long and for part of the drive down, we were followed by a rainbow. 

I hope you have enjoyed the beauty of this mountainous island. Please come back next week for the last instalment of our Travel Tuesday when we visit St. Kitts. 


  1. oh you really saw THIS place... so many tv shows and movies had this location and you could see all his fabulous things... wow!!!

  2. motion sickness would keep me from this trip, which means I appreciate seeing all your photos, some of them effected my fear of heights. yikes. it is truly beautiful and I know you loved the hot sun and no snow

  3. It looks incredible and we love the rainbow and the water lilies!

  4. I feel like I was right there with Lady and Man. Congrats to them on remembering the facts they did and taking such great photos. I hear you on remembering plant info. I usually remember with my mind's eye and camera. In Hawaii when it rains in the afternoon the call it Pineapple Juice.
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Easy to see why Saint Lucia was Lady's favourite island. What a great place (especially for a geologist!)

  6. What a beautiful place to visit. That sure is a big ship you were on.

  7. A beautiful and fascinating place. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Hari OM
    I adored St Lucia and have never forgotten my trip there... forty years ago!!! I was 23 and it was the first ever booked and paid by me, for me, trip. It was fabulous. Your photos bring memories flooding back... particularly the cove, actually called Marigot Bay - which was one of the film locations for the 1967 Dr Doolittle! yes, it's a special place and definitely worth a longer-term stay! YAM xx


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