Friday, March 24, 2023

FFF Nature Friday - Last Days of Winter

Winter stretches out

Breath in the promise of spring

As sun warms our skin

These pictures were taken on a solo snowshoe last weekend. The snow leading to the trails being too deep for the dogs. 

Thanks to Aunty-Yam for hosting FFF and Rosy and Sunny for hosting Nature Friday.

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  1. the deer was with you while you snowshoed through the last winterland ;O)

  2. It looks like Woody the Woodpecker has been busy! Such beautiful snow scenes.

  3. a beautiful knot hole, sounds fun to be alone with the wild life

  4. That is a super super haiku, and the photos give us hope that your snow is not going to melt too soon!

  5. Winter sure is sticking around for a while at your home. Some birdy has been working hard on making that hole in that tree.

  6. What a pretty photos of the the trail and the deer and OMDs too deep for the PuPs to travel.
    I hope you have had your last snow fall.
    GUESS WHAT? An amazing phenomenon occurred in the Mountains of NC last night...Totally amazing. The Aurora Borealis made an appearance over the Blue Ridge Parkway. I have a photo that will go up on WW
    Hugs to P, L, Lady and Man

  7. Add me as a fan of the haiku. It's perfect for the season!

    You know me, I'm a snow-lover and have been envying people like you who have been able to enjoy snow this year - But once the daffodils started to bloom, and now that in Washington DC the cherry blossoms are at peak, I'm done, and ready for spring - But it doesn't keep a small part of me from still being jealous of your beautiful snow.

  8. Winter looks like it is trying to hold off spring, but spring always wins in the end

  9. We had a thunderous night last night. I switched on the loud stand alone dehumidfier and thought of you all. It works for mine and a light on.

  10. Lovely photos. we have bare ground with some mounds of snow.
    Coffee is on and stay safe.


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