Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Tongue Out - Trouble On a Tuesday - by Phod

Dear pals,

I was in Lady's good graces again when this picture was taken as we lounged outside Sunday afternoon. After a Saturday of errands and housework and a Sunday morning of yard work, it was nice to sit and enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of the never ending chainsaws as our neighbours continue to clean up storm damage.

I temporarily fell out of Lady's good graces due to an incident Thursday night. As mentioned yesterday, it was a tad stormy. At bedtime the power flickered and there is nothing more terrifying to me than flickering power. 

Lady called me on the bed, and I happily came. I was very much taking up her spot in the bed (as Man snored away in his), but if she sort of wrapped her arms around me (I had my butt at her face and my head pressed into her knees), she could hold on. Lady wasn't too worried because I generally get hot and don't stay long.

Lady drifted in and out of sleep and after 2 hours in this position before really needing to move some more. My position made it impossible for her to roll over without being on the floor. She tried all the things to get me to move, but I refused. In the end, Lady gave up and moved to the couch. She did not have the best night sleep. Saturday I was not the favourite, but I don't mind, I had a great sleep!

I would do it all again to make sure I was safe.

Your pal, the bed hog apparently, Phod


  1. Hari OM
    BOL - oh dear, Phoddy, self-preservation is strong in you, it seems! Maybe Lady needs to get a camp bed for you... you know... so that she can sleep beside you as you snore on her spot! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Phod I 100% agree with YAM. During a storm I often think about crawling under the bed..but alas I probably could not get out
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. Maybe your pawrents need a bigger bed, Phod. We love sleeping right against our pawrents too and that often puts our mom right on the edge. She hasn't fallen off though. BOL!

  4. you would be out of luck here, Phod, dogs are not allowed in the bed. But I do move to the sofa for fearful dogs and lay or sit with them. Big and Beau did not mind the storms, but our other dogs did. Bob is deaf when asleep so tht left me to deal with the storms. i would come in the livng room and pile up with whichever dog was nervous until the storm was gone. I do sleep with them but not in the bed

  5. BOL...Go PHODDY!! Even though I am much smaller than you...I have also been known to take up most of the bed(I like to sleep horizontal) and push Mama off the bed!

  6. I'm sure that Lady didn't mind as long as you were happy, Phod.

  7. Sometimes, things like that happen to me....which, the next day, makes the "dark side" of me want to wake my dog from his enjoyable daytime naps! But I don't....

  8. Phod your bedtime story is too funny! My Alex is also a bed hog - all 17 pounds of him!!!

  9. LOL! So happy Lady found a place to sleep - sort of.

    Love and licks,

  10. Well, as long as YOU had a good sleep.

  11. Phod, consider yourself fortunate. I have not gained bed privileges yet. Perhaps we need more thunderstorms in Aberdeen...

  12. I love how the humans adjust themselves for our sake. Glad you had a good sleep, Phod. ~Ernie

  13. Oops...you may be a bed hog, but a handsome one dear Phod. 🐶

  14. I am going through this with my foster fail, Zoey. I am about to order Pet Releaf for her, nothing else seems to be working. We have had storms over the last two weeks, and I literally get NO sleep if a storm hits at night.


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