Thursday, May 26, 2022

Feline Fix - by Lady

We are thrilled to report that last evening at 6:45, 98 hours and 55 minutes after the storm took our power out, our power restored. Lady and Man celebrated and we were terrified because the house was beeping. Let's hope it stays for some time. 


I am not sure Lee and Phod have forgiven me from coming home smelling like cat recently. I met a friend at the feline cafe. In a pandemic world it works like this:

You book a 45 minute spot to play with the cats. A maximum of 4 people (who need to wear masks and have proof of vaccine) can be in the cat lounge. After you play with the cats you get a beverage you can drink in the cafe or take to go.

Here are the cats - all of which I wanted to bring home but didn't!


  1. wild clapping for power return... so happy for all of you especially the canines. I would love to visit a cat cafe, maybe they should try this here, we are only a few blocks from the Cat House which is the shelter for cats, the shelter we support. they keep the cats in a separate building away from the shelter... I love the first and last and they would be my pick I think, love tghem all

  2. Feline intermission....well, I never....:)

  3. Glad your power is back finally! And if you ask me, you should have brought one of those kitties home. ;) ~Ernie

  4. OMCs I hear Lady purring...and it is louder than the felines.
    K10 what beauties you met and the white paws had me saying AWWW
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Sweet! Cat Cafe sounds like a safe and fun place to visit. Such cuddly cutie pies!

    Love and licks,

  6. Yay for your power coming back on after sooooooooooo long! What pretty kitties. It would have been hard choosing just one.

  7. Aww, such pretty kitties. No doubt Hailey and Phod think you have some serious explaining to do but will probably be content with you making the beeping noises go away. Congrats on having full power again.

  8. Gail is pleased your power is back on.
    I am pleased there is no Cat Café in Aberdeen.

  9. Yay for power!!! Also yay for kitties...kinda!
    Sunny, Rosy & Jakey

  10. Awww, they are so cute!

    Glad ya got power back!

  11. What a great idea! At the nursing home where I work, there used to be a cat named Sammy. He was a very good cat, and knew exactly who loved cats, and who didn't (if you can believe anyone wouldn't love him!) He gave a lot of people a lot of comfort with his company.

    Glad you got your power back. We've gone through times with no power, and now have a generator to use in emergencies like that.

  12. Hurray for power! Oh NO for beeping! (I HATE beeping too - it is VERY SCARY!) Yuck for CATS!


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