Monday, May 23, 2022

Mischief Monday - A Deadly Storm

 Dear pals,

Lady had set aside a lot of time to visit you all on the weekend, but nature had other plans. A deadly storm rolled through our area. 3 peopled died in our region (at the time of this writing). We were left without power (as were hundreds of thousands of people) and they are saying it will be days before it is back.

We are safe. We have a generator that gives us the basics (water, some lights, some heat, fridge, freezer, internet) but so we don't need to go get gas too often we are conserving it.

Here are some pictures from our neighbourhood - not pictured here are the downed hydroplanes (Man saw them when getting a neighbour to help clear the road) and snapped hydro poles:


The leash Lee chewed while Lady was holding her so she couldn't destroy the house

At the neighbour's

Callie's driveway

Our front yard (fortunately it fell into the bush)

Callie's front yard

The road 

At the time of the storm Callie's people were in the city for her girls dance recital. They were in a place that kept power. With permission, we went to check on Callie. She was distressed so we brought her over for some food, water and cuddles. After about 3 hours, she asked to go home so Lady took her. 

Phod was glad when Callie left!

Anyway, we are grateful we are safe and have the basics to survive. Will try and keep you posted on how things play out. We are making do!

Nothing gets between us and our Sunday pancakes!

Supervising Lady BBQing

PS: Happy Long weekend Canadian pals! 


  1. that was so nie to take care for your friend... such storms are dangerous... and it is scary to see the power and the path of destruction they leave around us

  2. Wow - that is one nasty storm! Thank goodness Callie has you guys to help her out.

  3. Oh gosh, we can see you have had a challenging weekend, and hope it is not too long before your power supply is back up and running and the roads are cleared of fallen timber. That was good of Lady an Mand to take care of Callie. We do hope Phod and Lee have settled down now (as much as they ever do!). In our part of the world in December we had a succession of terrible storms and many people outside the city were without power and water for well over a week (and rather few people here have emergency generators). The countryside is still strewn with fallen trees - estimates are that around 16 million trees in Scotland were damaged, with Aberdeenshire bearing the brunt.

  4. Having lived many years on the East coast of Florida, we well understand the power of extreme winds (and more). Our paws have been together for all of you, and other friends across the provinces struck by this damaging derecho. May calm soon return, fondly, Ann & June

  5. the one most important thing I got from this tale of woe is the fact Callie had the nerve to touch Precious. so happy you could bring her over, i know the fear factor in dogs and storms. also happy none of you were harmed and that your home is safe. you can spend the week end with a chain saw, that will also stir up the pups.

  6. I am still waiting to hear from my cousin in, your photos show quite a bit of destruction. Hope your electric is restored sooner rather than later!

  7. We're glad to hear you are all safe and have your generator to keep the lights on and the fridge cold. Our paws are crossed that you don't have to wait too long for the power to come back on. That was so nice of you to take care of Callie while her family was away.

  8. Hari OM
    Yikes! As Gail has said, this is becoming rather too common here as well... and your well-organised planning for backup in such times is a lesson to many! Glad you are all safe (including Callie). Sending lots of hugs from here to there (for whatever good they will do), YAM xx

  9. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no....I'm so sorry to read this. I don't know what has thrown all the weather everywhere out of kilter. Just crazy. Sending prayers to all
    I am late for a very important date..visiting you. At 8:30 am I had internet ...then bam it went bye bye. At 9 am we left on our first road trip to a State Park since last fall. We just got home. More on that soon it involved 2.6 miles trek we two old codgers made it
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. We are so glad you all are safe! We can only imagine how stressful that must have been for you pups...and your humans too!!

    We are relieved to see that you still got to have your Sunday pancakes!!
    Rosy, Sunny & Jakey

  11. What a terrible storm! We had one but farther north in Michigan, tornado ripped through a city. I'm glad you are safe and still have the basics. I'm purring for all those affected by the storm. ~Ernie

  12. Yikes! What a way to 'celebrate' Victoria Day. Kudos for looking out for Callie while her 'pawrents' were out. It's heartbreaking to see mature trees downed like that. We hope things return to normal soon. Stay safe.

  13. I read about the terrible storm... I am glad you did not have major damage, and hope your power is restored. Is Lee able to take something for anxiety? Zoey has terrible storm anxiety, we get no sleep whatsoever if there is a storm. She actually begs to go out in lightning and thunder! I have given her Trazedone once, which the doctor recommended last week, and about the only thing it did was make her sleepy all the next day. Be safe up there.

  14. Oh no. What a terrible time it was for all the people in your neighborhood. So glad you all helped Callie and SOOO glad you all had some pancakes! Stay safe, frens.

    Love and licks,

  15. Hi cousin, Ojo here! That is a crazy storm! The people were watching it on the TV box. Your storm pulled up trees!! We are glad you are safe and we hope you get your power back soon.


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