Monday, April 30, 2012


After a warm bath I am all snuggled reading in my bed, and I hear it. 
The Fly!
I hope that Lee who has been chasing bunnies in her dream does not, but she does. Slowly she stalks her way up the bed, feet on the headboard, looking into the light at the fly. She snaps at it. She noses it. The fly leaves the light and tries to hide in a dark corner. Lee leaps over me as she is on the hunt. The fly comes back to the light and I sit up just fast enough to not get jumped on as Lee pounces on her pray. Again after snapping, the fly heads to the dark side of the room. Lee is after it. I see the fly on the wall. I close my book, wind up and smack! The fly falls to the ground. Lee pounces again on the fly and then eats it. She then settles herself back on the bed and I return to my book, both happy that the house is once again safe. 

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