Thursday, April 5, 2012

A big day for Lee

As told by Lee

My Lady was home this morning and I couldn't understand why she wasn't taking me out, but then Stephanie came and I understood. I love Stephanie. I jumped up and kissed her! We had a good walk. She said I was pooped after.

I was home for a bit and then my Lady put me in the car. I was so excited I could tell we were going to Conroy. I was so excited to be there and my Lady made me wait and I didn't understand why and then I saw Uncle Chris and Emma. I was so happy to see them. It was Emma's first visit to the dog park. At first she was not good off leash so she had to be on it. I tried to get her to chase me, but she couldn't. I didn't like that everyone thought she was cuter than me.

Emma watching me run free
Eventually Emma was allowed off leash and she did a pretty good job. If people said she was cuter, I would run into the woods and Emma would follow and she would get in trouble. I thought it was funny. My Lady gave me more cookies.  Emma learned quickly if my Lady called to come cause she had cookies.

A few times other dogs were not nice to Emma or Emma got overwhelmed. When this happened I would run in, get myself between Emma and the other dog and make sure Emma was ok. My Lady thought this was great and gave me extra cookies for being such a good cousin.

After this we went and I had a big nap.

It wasn't long before my Lady called me again and said I had to go to the vet. This scared me and I was a little nervous. I was ok in the waiting room. I was scared of going on the scale. I had put on 3 kg but Woody says I am perfect. I was good during the exam. Woody sat on the floor and did it, so I didn't have to be scared on the table. He gave me lots of cookies. My Lady says I was so busy eating them that I missed getting my shot. My Lady had my microchip checked just to be sure it was still there, she said she didn't trust me. Overall I got a clean bill of health.

Then it was the scary part. Woody was very skeptical when he took me to the back for my blood work. Last year I screamed and freaked out so much that they couldn't take my blood. It was very embarrassing for my Lady. My lady waited in the waiting room on the edge of her seat waiting for me, listening to hear me scream.  After a few minutes I came out. My lady was shocked, she hadn't heard me. I got a little nervous but I was very good when they took my blood. My lady told Woody that living with a behaviour analyst can be good for a dog and that I had generalized my ability to get my nails cut to getting blood taken. Everyone was really proud of me.

I came home and was trying to rest and then there was hail and I had to hid. For most of the rest of the day I slept. While I love having my lady home, I think it is too tiring! [Editors note - she was exhausted she hardly moved from al evening!]


  1. Oh goodness, busy day! It is good you had a big rest after all that!

  2. im so sorry you had to go to the v-e-t! mom says that rocket never even realizes he's getting shots. sometimes i do (yuki). it depends on who's doing it, some human's are just better than others at doing medical stuff like that.

  3. My Lady says I am the worst dog she has had for this. She says Loki, who I never met, was the best. I think he sounds stupid.


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