Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Our Loki marked in the house when we first got him and he would mark in other people's houses if we were visiting and he marked every 2 feet during a walk. It was annoying.

Princess Gemini did not mark. Princess' don't do that.

Lee has started to mark. It is not in the house thankfully, but she has started to on our walks. She will be going along and if there is something extra smelly  shewill pee on it. It is funny because when she is marking she slightly lifts her left paw off the ground and always looks like she may fall over.

Does your dog mark?


  1. They do! Neither of them mark in the house, nor have they ever, but they definitely do outside. Wookie marked so much when he first came here as our foster, and since being neutered it's lessened, but then he taught Halladay to mark. LOL. There are worse things though!

  2. If they are doing it outside, it isn't a problem!


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