Sunday, April 1, 2012

How does your dog communicate?

Our dog's have all been great communicators, but all have had different methods.

Loki, aka Sir Huffs-alot, would huff. He would stand or sit beside or in front of you and huff and puff. It was very funny to watch him huff through his crazy teeth. We always knew what the huffs meant.

Gemi, did occasionally use vocalizations to communicate as well. She would sing if you had food she wanted or if you were not petting her. For other things she just used her eyes to tell you what to do.

Hailey is a much more physical communicator. She uses her paws to guide your hand to rub her belly, she smacks her bowl if she wants food and she stands and stares at the cupboard where the treats are if she thinks she needs them. Of course she will also whine and carry on if she thinks she is being abused (aka being asked to take a bath!)

How does your dog communicate?

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