Thursday, April 26, 2012

More about baby Hailey

Several weeks ago I scanned in and posted pictures of baby Lee.

I thought I would now share the notes, written by her first foster mom in Ohio, that came with the picture:

It was almost impossible to get pics of this little girl! She is for sure my little spit fire and is all over the place! She is the runt but you would never guess it! She is full of life and loves to run in the grass!! She is also doing very well with crate training. She is for sure a thinker and problem solver, always looking for something to pounce on!! She is always in the middle of the puppy play pile! Her coat is getting so glossy and inky black! She is going to turn into a very striking looking dog for sure!

Looking at this 2 years later, what is true.
She is calmer, but still loves to run and is a great thinker and problem solver. She does hunt still (and her hunting has been reinforced with one catch). She is beautiful:) She is easy to get a picture of . . . when she was sleeping.

The crate training is probably the only thing there that didn't work out. Visit an early post - Did I mention she is cute - posted October 14, 2010 for more about that (

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