Monday, April 23, 2012

My weekend by Lee

I was too busy to write earlier, sorry to my faithful followers. I had a busy weekend.

Saturday it was raining and I do not like the rain and I did not want to go outside. So I went on the treadmill for exercise. I didn't love this as my Man tried to make me do it without a cookie. I also didn't like this because my Lady went out with Gheera. I was a lot jealous. I didn't think it looked fun to get stuck in the cage, but I was jealous he was going somewhere I wasn't. When they came back Gheera was very cranky and he smelt like the vet. My Lady told me that he needed blood work and was not happy to go. I guess I should feel bad for Gheera as I hate going to the vet.

The rest of Saturday was quiet. We watched the hockey game and I didn't have to wear my stupid shirt and the team won, so this made me happy.

Emma and I jumping at the pit
Sunday was my big day. It was not raining and I really wanted to go out. I bugged my people but they ignored me and just went about their cleaning. Finally we went. I was so excited in the car and so excited to get to Bruce Pit. There were so many friends and my Uncle Chris and Emma and our friend Darlene came and we had a great time running. I was very tired after.

I had time for a little nap before agility. I was happy to be going out again, but thought it was a little strange to just be going with my Lady. Usually my Man takes me. This weirdness plus the fact that I was tired, made me not as agile as usual. If I could have left 20 minutes early I would have been the happiest dog on the planet. My Lady says we won't go to the pit before agility again as it is just too hard for me. I spent the rest of the evening sleeping. I am still tired this morning. (My love for life is being dampened by the snow).

I hope everyone had a good weekend.

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