Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The boring life

Go New York!
I must admit, Lee has settled into being such a wonderful dog that she doesn't always have adventures. I am sure this is a sign that we need another dog . . . and an email came into my box from someone looking for a home for their dog. My husband who thinks the pack is perfect (clearly he is wrong on this) said this dog had shifty eyes . . . it didn't. He just is being a pain in my butt about this other dog. I got my revenge by writing NY on my face before the Sens game tonight (FYI I am not a hockey fan, I am only a fan of the season being over. For the season to be over, the Sens need to lose, so I am the fan of whomever is playing the Sens).

This is now the debate in our house. It is not a debate it is more a conversation that goes something like:
Me: "How about this dog?" showing a dog from a local rescue that may be appropriate and explaining all the reasons why this dog would be perfect.
Him: "No." Then he makes up something about it being ugly.
Repeat until I have shown him about 15 dogs. This repeats about every 3 days.

You see since about the day after Gemi died, I have been looking at other dogs. Of course in those first few months another dog was NOT going to happen. I couldn't have handled that. But I still fell in love with one or two dogs from local rescued and checked in with them every couple days to see if they had homes yet. I was always very happy when they found the perfect home.

Now, here we are approaching month 9 (I can't believe that) and even though I am a little busy with work, I think it would be a great time for a new pack member (Lee could have company while I am working). However, someone is digging his heels in on this. It took me 5 years of bugging to get dog one, and about 1 for dog 2 and only a month for dog 3. I am not sure how long this one will take, but looking at my family history and current health situation, I think I have at least 45 more years, so either I will get my way cause he caves or he dies  . . . so it is a win win for me:) (Can you feel the love!)

Until the time when our pack may expand (fingers and toes crossed), I will keep following the local rescues and falling in love and maybe, just maybe the perfect one will come along!

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  1. This sounds very much like the conversations Randie and I used to have. I would email him Petfinder links daily. I'm not sure if he even looked at all of them. ;) Finally I talked him into fostering, and then we met Wookie.

    Good luck!


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