Friday, January 20, 2023

Nature Friday - Winter Walk - by Phod

 Thanks to Rosy for hosting this event.

I hope you aren't sick of the snow pictures yet. Lady is really trying to embracing this whole winter thing, with mixed success.  It has been a very grey winter, with not a lot of sun. This is hard.

As Lee mentioned on Monday, on Lee's birthday we got a lot of snow again. At least 20cm/7inches. Lady decided to go for a snowshoe after work. Lee didn't want to go, so I got to go. I get to go off leash. I do a very good job at listening to the end when we go near Callie's house and I have to visit, but Lady isn't worried about my safety here and Callie and her people don't mind.

Come with me on my walk!

I started by following Lady and walking in her tracks as this made it easier.

Soon I was leading the way! I never get to lead, Lee always does.

I followed deer tracks.

I found where the deer had slept last night.

I may have eaten some deer poop.

I posed with Lady

I am letting her post a picture that doesn't have me in it. 

It was a great walk!


  1. Hari OM
    Oh yes, and I enjoyed coming along with you in these pictures - without the inconvenience of having to wrap up!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. super great walk and a super duper post. love the deer bed and the droopy tree in the photo without you in it, butt most of all I loved all the pics of you Phod.. Good Boy!

  3. We never get tired of snow pictures. Snow is so beautiful! We love the picture of you posing with Lady, Phod!

  4. We are so jealous of all your snow, Phod. It's been too warm for snow so we have been getting lots of rain which makes our yard quite muddy.

  5. Phod
    #1 I love your red jacket
    #2 OMDs thank you for sharing the place where the deer slept. Wow I'm surprised it was out in the opening. Please and thank you keep your snow.
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. It looks like it was a very nice walk...and so very beautiful!!!

  7. That's the best kind of walk: when you find hidden treasure! LOL BOL! We are finally getting a little snow this evening here in WNY, but don't expect it to be much.

  8. Your lady has a lovely smile.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  9. That looks like a super walk and Gail says she prefers the cold to the Caribbean heat and humidity!

  10. Sigh, where is our snow??? Beautiful photos.
    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. OOooOoOooo Snax! Cinnamon goes for the deer poop snax too! Terrific walk! Purrs Marv


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