Monday, January 30, 2023

Mischief Monday - Back Update and Vet - by Lee

Dear pals,

Thanks for all your inquiries about how my back is doing. It has been good and it has been bad. On Friday, after it seemed to get bad again, Lady reached out to our vet. It was this reaching out that she found out that as of the end of the day today, I no longer have a vet. My clinic is closing, moving (this she knew) and becoming an emergency vet only (she hasn't read the email yet so was missing that information). My vet and Lady's friend is supposed to be moving to another clinic, but it is very far. He did say that they said he can bring his long standing clients (Lady thinks this is her because she did text him on his personal phone, he called her from it - they have been friends for 29 years after all). Man's preference is to move us to a clinic that is much closer (20 minute drive instead of an hour 20 minutes). We will have to see where we end up as so many vets aren't taking new clients here. It is a bit sad, not just because we may be losing a vet we trust so much, but so many memories are tied up in that clinic. 3/4 of Lady's angels crossed the bridge there (Baggy went peacefully in his sleep at home). Angel Loki was always so excited to be there, he apparently peed on the floor with excitement, every time. This is an enthusiasm none of the rest of us have shared, and it was good he had it because in the last year of his life he was there at least every 2 weeks. Staff Lady has never met, knew who she was, even still, because of Loki (it has been nearly 13 years). It was familiar and now we will change. 

I have decided I love the electric blanket from the old cottage that was Lady's grandparents. 

Now back to me. After Lady's shock of not having a vet (Phod and I may have happy danced), they got to my issues and he decided to put me on Metacam. This is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory that apparently helps with pain too. It is liquid and doesn't taste bad. Lady and Man made a special trip to the clinic, for the last time, on Saturday to get it. When they got home, I was full of beans and jumping etc. Clearly I have different ideas about strict rest then my vet. 

A picture from a rare sunny day a few weeks ago

So that is where we are friends. I am not doing as much jumping up (on people or furniture) and I don't want to do the stairs to the basement, but most of the time, I seem fine. I am a little mad that I don't get to go snowshoeing with Phod and Lady, but the I remember I don't like snow touching my stomach.

Back to the warm blanket I go - your pal Lee


  1. Hari OM
    You were just needing a rest, Hailey! Still... that is sad about the vet changes. I hope that something pans out that suits all (even in not necessarily you and Phod!) Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. warm blankets are a good idea... we send big hugs to you for your back...

  3. Lee and Phod and Lady and Man
    I 100% know what you mean about following your very favorite Vet. In my humble a good hair stylist, doc/vet are hard to find.
    Lee you have sunSHINING on your shoulders. I hope and purr the new med is exactly what you need
    Hugs cecilia

  4. We're so sorry to hear you still aren't feeling well and hope the new medicine makes you feel better, Hailey. The vet problem is the same here. We are lucky to be established clients of a practice that is just 5 minutes from our home, but they aren't taking on any new clients right now either. It is mostly because of a shortage of vets and vet techs. Sadly, the vets that owned the practice that all our angel sisters have gone to, both retired in the past few years. The current vets are all very nice and good to work with, but we miss our favorite vet, too.

    Our paws are crossed that the new meds work to make you feel better.

  5. We are sorry you have lost your trusted vet Hailey, and hope you find another good one, just in case your back starts playing up again.
    (Gail never mentioned this at the time, but when she contacted her vet surgery last year to tell them finally that she thought it time to say goodbye to Bertie, she discovered that the nice Spanish vet who had been treating him all along for his bladder cancer had just resigned and she had to deal with an unfamiliar vet who didn't know Bertie at all, and that was all rather distressing.)

  6. I am praying for your back to feel better. I am sorry about the vet closing.

  7. Change is always hard. It would be nice to be able to keep the same vet, but there may be that time when you need to be able to get to one more quickly. We will cross our paws that you find a pawesome vet like we have.

    Hailey, we also hope the metacam helps you a lot. Be a good girl, and try to rest.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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