Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Trouble On A Tuesday - Trash Pandas? A Great Mystery

On Saturday, Lady and Man left the house around 9:30 am. They were going out to visit Grammie and the Big Guy's new house. They finally got possession and will be moving in shortly after Easter. Lady and Man also picked up groceries on the way home (because they literally drive by the grocery store).  They arrive home about 3:10 pm. 

As they were pulling into the driveway, Lady said out loud "I bet we should have moved the garbage."

Those may have been famous last words, because they walked into this:

Please note that the container behind the tipped over garbage pail (an old milk container) hold the dog food.

The dogs were asked what happened and they had no idea.

I have no idea Lady, I have been just sleeping here

Witnesses were questions - they saw nothing.

While the mess was a lot (and the second in a few days), Lady's biggest concern was the fact that 20 chicken wing bones were missing. A Google search said to monitor the suspects for 72 hours to make sure there was no blockage. 

While both dogs maintain their innocents in this mess, their poop has oddly have tinfoil and chicken bones. 

Oh the adventures of being a pet owner!
(The garbage will be emptied or removed when people go out next time, which won't likely be for some time because we are in the 3rd wave of pandemic). 


Update: The Phod was out repeatedly on Sunday night with an upset tummy. The people were thrilled. A rice breakfast was served and he is being closely monitored. Paws crossed he will be fine! By the end of the day his tummy seemed to settle and his behaviour all day was normal. 

Note: Yesterday people mentioned we should take Lee out when she asks. We generally do, and when she is scared she asks to go out and rarely does business because as soon as she is out, she wants back in. It is likely the ac idents would have happened if we had gone out. 


  1. we hope that the wings will fly away the normal way without any trouble... potp and crossed paws..

  2. When I saw all that trash on the floor before I even read the post I started to fret over if you are going to be sick from eating all that dog food and whatever happened to be in the garbage. We have always had our garbage can inside a closed cabinet and even our little trash cans are inside the cabinet in the bathrooms because our first dog the one that looked like u p h o d. His name was Max and he was always sad about getting in the trash even the small trash cans that were under desk and such so we came up with a way for him to stay out of the trash for 16 years and then for each dog we just left it inside the cabinet. It does take away cabinet space. Prayers going up that you will all be okay. Potp and hugs and love

  3. Saturday sure wasn't a good day for any of you. Paws and fingers are crossed that you and Hailey will be A-OK, Phod!

  4. Hari OM
    /../;;aa .... eeeerrrmmm.... Oh dear... well all as I can say is POTP that everything moves along okay...(though I am impressed the stuffies stayed loyal!) hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. That sure is quite a mess. We have our paws crossed that Phod feels better soon.

  6. Well, what can be said but same as yesterday: Phod, you too are very much loved, no matter what,
    lucky you!

    PS hoping next time we visit here, happy stories are being told: FOR THE SAKE OF THE LADY & THE MAN.

  7. Hi friends! Ojo here! It clearly wasn't you. And someone must have planted tin foil and chicken bones in your poop. That's clearly the only explanation. I know because it's happened to me too! I absolutely did not get into the garbage and absolutely did not eat anything from my youngest person's back pack after school and yet somehow wrapping showed up in my poop. We were all framed! It must be the squirrels. (And friend Phod I hope you feel better soon!) (Clearly this is unrelated to the garbage incident.)

  8. Uh oh! It looks like the work of the infamous "Not Me." And I hope Not Me is okay after eating chicken bones. ;) ~Ernie

  9. OMD, it was a roving band of tree rats, just like the ones that destroyed Momma's pillows!! They're a super threat if they're roving all the way from Texas to Canada. No one is safe!!

  10. I am stunned WOW...and almost speechless. I think the house was taken over by Invasion of Body Snatchers'(this was a movie back in the 1980's). And the left the innocent pups with sure do tummy issues that I hope are much better. B-cat wants to know if anyone had to sleep in the dog house?
    Healing hugs

  11. What a nightmare to come home to!!! The pups really don't want you to go out. We get upset when our peeps are gone for any length of time now since they are here almost all the time. But Mom says she thinks we sleep the whole time they are gone. Our lips are sealed:)

    Hope Phod is much better now.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.
    Hoping things (including digestive systems) have now settled down in the Lee and Phod household...

  13. I can't imagine how that mess appeared. I'm shocked that the witnesses had no insight. LOL. We hope everybody continues to be fine, and mysterious discoveries in the poop diminish.

    Love and licks,

  14. Our angel Miss Ginger loved to raid the trash. That's why we have baby locks on the garbage cabinet in the kitchen, and a can with a special lid in the bathroom. However, I, Chester L. W. Spaniel, would NEVER get into the garbage! Nope! Not me! Hehehehe …

  15. Oh Dear! The chicken wings are a favorite around here too! We hope everyone settles down soon!

  16. Gulp! No doubt the 'cat' did it. Even if you don't have a cat, the cat ALWAYS did it. Whatever 'it' is. Hopefully the rice meals will clear up any problems and all chicken wings will fly the coop. Gotta love their creativity at 'redecorating' the kitchen.


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