Monday, March 29, 2021

Mischief Monday - Grab Your Coffee It Is A Long Story

Lady has been working in overdrive to help cover for some colleagues who have gone on medical leave. She has been working 12 hour days. What gets her through said days is a good night sleep. At approximately 12:40 am Thursday morning, the rain distressed Lee. Being the dutiful owner, after the pleas to just go back to sleep, Lady got out of bed. She moved downstairs to the couch. She turned on all the lights and music so the rain could not be heard. She stopped Lee from destroying 4 rolls of toilet paper, but let her rip up a comforter (as destroying something helps).

She dozed on the couch until her alarm went off at 5. She dragged her butt off the couch to step on a dog bed that had been peed on. She picked it up, walked it to the laundry and threw it in. Then she proceeded to the powder room, where she notes the comforter was done. After using the toilet Lady stood up and stepped in poop she has not seen under the remains of the blanket. 

After washing her feet, she returned with a garbage bag and started cleaning up the fluffy, poopy mess (much of the poop had been stepped on and was well in the ceramic). Lady soon noticed blood on the blanket too - and blood and poop up the wall. Really it was like cleaning up a murder scene. 

(Re the blood - it appears while digging Miss Lee cut her nose).

After 15 minutes the mess was removed and the morning proceeded without incident. We had a walk, Lady worked out, she showered, she unloaded the dishwasher and was about to sit down with her breakfast when she noticed what her best guess was vomit (it appears someone ate some of their poop) all over the dining room floor. So Lady cleaned that up, scrubbed her hands, and settled down with her very soggy cereal thinking, maybe when we were asking to go out at 12:45 am she should have just opened the door. But then she realized it was Thursday and no good ever came from one so what should she expect. 

Lady had an extra long work day (thankful it was at home) and two dogs spent the day napping.

No pictures were taken of the mess. 

Be sure to come by tomorrow to find out what happened next. 


  1. I'm trying to think what to write here and all that comes to mind is oh my word! Oh my word! I am eagerly awaiting the to be continued part of this story and so sorry for all of you especially the mom. I quickly learned that when the dog says out I let that dog out but the thing is sometimes they're lying and it's hard in the middle of the night. Also if you always get up and let them out in the middle of the night then they get in the habit of want to do it every night. Hope your day goes well today

  2. Been in similar situations, but it's always seems funnier when it's someone else! I confess I laughed when Lady got to the powder room. Although I wasn't laughing the other night, during thunderstorms, when James Bone *had* to go out at midnight....having been out at 10pm.

  3. Hari OM
    ...oh dear... one could either be flippant... or consoling... or, perhaps, just hold one's peace and nod knowingly and understandingly. As for you, Lady - there's no "I told you so" in this comment... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. That sure was quite a night and day. We're sorry to hear you were so distressed by the storm, Hailey but it's true that your people should respond if you ask to go out to do your business no matter what the time. We hope the story has a happier ending.

  5. oh my that sounds like an adventure what could only happen in our crib... we hope the nose is ok and it heals up soon... and maybe your lady can buy a lottery ticket today? the chance is very high for good luck now...

  6. I say ditto to Bertie...there is MORE? That was a week's worth of drama in a few hours.
    Jeeez of course no photos Lady's hands were way to full of 'stuff' to be holding a camera.
    Hugs and purrs

  7. Sometimes you just have to remind your human who's boss! It sounds like Lady is very well-trained.

  8. We're so sorry you pups get so upset and frightened by the wind and rain sounds. Hopefully you pups will be all right, and the Lady can catch up on her sleep.

  9. You all have my sympathies. Here's to better night's sleep.

  10. And all of this in just a few hours..........Poor Lady and poor Hailey.

  11. Poor Lee. Cinnamon has trouble with severe weather too! I feel for every pet Mom, it is exactly like having a perpetual 2 year old! I am sending the Mom strength and hope Lee does better.

  12. Lee, you are blessed that your Lady loves you ... and always will. No matter what.


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