Monday, March 15, 2021

Mischief Monday - This And That

First mischief goes to blogger who is causing all sorts of issues when Lady tries to comment. She has been doing all the tricks but then Blogger will freeze her out of her own blog. There have been a lot of HBO words. Lady has often read but not commented.

Second mischief goes to the member of the squirrel United Nations who clearly broke in, moved and licked the oven a mitts. What a terrible crime!

Third mischief goes to the past year. We can't believe it has been a year since the pandemic has impacted our daily lives. This time last year we were in full lockdown. Lady didn't work for 3 months. Then she worked part time. Those were the best days. Now a year later she works more than full time, out of the house 2 days a week. Man has always worked full time, but at home. Things are still restricted here. We still have a curfew. We still have to wear masks and distance. Vaccines are slowly being rolled out. Don't get Lady started in this mess. About 5% of the population has received at least 1 shot. In our region they are currently vaccinating people 70 and older. While the past 12 months have sucked for many reasons, our peeps know they have been incredibly fortunate to really be ok. We send our love to those who have had a much harder year. 

The best thing about this year has been the extra snuggles.


  1. it is all about those extra snuggles. and our snuggle bunny is right now driving us nuts because of the time change. he says we are now an hour past his morning walk time. it is now dark as a cave for another hour... he says it is 6:30 get the harness on me people... we could walk in the dark butt the mama is afraid of coyotes and other critters like racoons. maybe it was racoons that broke and and messed with the oven mitt. that gives you another choice of whom to blame for what..

  2. that squirrel huh? we heard you and we can agree with efurrything... but at least we are ok, that's like a gift this time..

  3. Extra snuggles have been the best!
    Gail gets her first vaccine dose on Friday. Cross paws that all goes well.
    Toodle pip!

  4. Hari OM
    Good grief, those tree rats are mighty cheeksome... sorry to hear Blogger is being tricksy. So far okay here - although there was some slow down and 'non-response' over the weekend when I was scheduling a whole heap of posts... guess the tecks are tinkering under the hood!

    A year - and what a year... and sadly I think we have another year ahead of us that will be far from 'normal'...sigh... grab all the snuggles you can! hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. We can't believe what those squirrels did to those oven mitts! Lucky for us the pandemic hasn't changed our lives much other than our mom meets her crafty friends via Zoom from home instead of going out a few nights a month to see them in person. Since our pawrents are retired they are home with us most of the time anyway. We hope your people can get their shots soon. Ours get their second dose next week.

  6. Wow for sure sneaky squirrels...licking something yummy on the glove?!
    What a year...I 100% agree...even though we have had both our vaccines not much has changed with our routine. We have 100% peace of mind. Still mask up and only go places 100% necessary.
    What the heck is up with all the crazies on spring break in Florida...and all the gazillion places they will return too after all the partying
    Phod you are right!! Snuggles solve everything
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Hopefully the extra snuggles make all the difference in dealing with mischief makers.

  8. Those squirrels are such a menace! Having our peeps home is so wonderful.

  9. Shame on that mischievous squirrel:) Life is much the same here. But Mom and Dad are feeling good that at least they have both gotten their two vaccinations and should be safer in two weeks. They will still be very cautious because one never knows.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. We feel your Mom's pain. You guys are at 70 and older!?! we are at 85 and older here in BC. Your squirrels like oven glove too!??! Wow! Mom wonders how they got passed the cats to chew the glove on Cinnamon's bed! Mom is glad she is retired. The software rollout is this month back in Vancouver and she does not have to worry about it! Sending you guys much happiness and have a wonderful day!

  11. Yep, when things are gotta look at the bright side. And more snuggles are that bright side during these covid times.

  12. Gosh, I hopes you guys gets vaccinated soon. Gpa got his furst shot, and gets his second this week. Right nows we are at 65 and older, and those with pre-existing conditions and those with special needs or serious health issues. Soon, it will be Ma's turn, butts she isn't holding out hope before summer. I am glads you gots your peeps to gives you extra snuggles. that always makes them feel betters
    Stay safe my furiends
    Ruby ♥

  13. Extra snuggles are the best! I miss Momma working from home, where I could snuggle her feet all day long.

  14. Those evil squirrels sure cause a lot of trouble! I hope you caught them! And yes, it has been a long, miserable year! My ghostwriter had to work MORE than her usual 3 days a week. Good thing for me that Dad is retired and mostly stays home with me!


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