Saturday, March 22, 2014

Phod is the BEST Dog Ever!

This would normally be my catch up post but we had an exciting situation this morning that I wanted to share.

We are having a spring snowstorm (another 10-15 cm expected). The dogs and I went for our morning 3 km walk. Part of our walk routine is when we are back on our private road, I let Phod off leash and he runs ahead, finishes his business and meets us at the front door.

This morning I let him off leash and almost immediately, out of nowhere a groundhog appeared on the road. My first thought was HBO words as Phod picked up speed and ran toward the poor animal. The HBO words grew in my head as the groundhog became trapped on the road because the snowbanks were too high and Phod tackled the groundhog like he would tackle the cats.

My awesome boy!
Phod had the groundhog on its back between his legs. Hailey was freaking out on her leash. The only thing going through my head was, Phod is going to kill a groundhog and there is nothing I can do. I did keep calling him, and calling him and to my surprise and relief he quickly let the groundhog go. The groundhog got up and waddled to the other side of the road.  Of course the snowbank was high so it was sitting with the back toward the snow ready to fight and Phod stood a few feet away looking at it. He didn't try to get it in any vicious way, he really just tried to play with it.

As I approached the groundhog, I had to hold on to Hailey for dear life. I know if she was in Phod's position the groundhog would be dead. Her prey drive is strong. I was able to shoo Phod toward the end of the driveway without having to put him on leash. He walked nicely, never looking back. I had to drag Hailey back to the house while she cried and carried on.

Last I saw, a confused groundhog was sitting on top of a snowbank waiting for us to go away.

Now, it has been over 30 minutes later, my heart is still pounding. Phod has completely calmed down and maybe forgotten. Hailey is standing at the door, scratching, hoping we will let her out to get the groundhog.

This morning Phod wins best dog ever award!

Looking forward to catching up with everyone after I get a little work done!


  1. Bravo to Phod. No way would I give us on a chase. A pat on the back to you Phod. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly
    PS hope the storm is not too bad.

  2. Way to go Phod coming back when called off! Boomer and Dottie would never do as well!

  3. Good job listening to your mom Phod. Most of us wouldn't be so good.

  4. Yay Phod - mom is pretty sure we would be so distracted that we would not listen at all . . . unless she said "treat" then we might listen.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. I felt with you while reading. Situations like that are awful, we would need 26 hands to manage all things together. I'm glad Phod was a good guy and listened to you. 87 hugs to Phod in the name of all groundhogs.

  6. Well done Phod !!! And how lucky to see a ground hound hog - the only one we we have seen is Phl on the TV and that guy has some answering to do in regards to the weather :) It was certainly that little ground hogs day :)

  7. I say that's one very lucky groundhog! Way to go Phod!

  8. PHOD the PHantastic... THAT is super duper Grrrrrreat.
    I (Frankie Furter) recall when I furst found Baby Bunnies in MY garden and just fell in love with them... I wouldn't have hurt them fur all the squirrels in a stew pot.. I wanted them to Play with ME and be my FURENDS... THAT MUST be what YOU thought Phod. OH BOY... a NEW FUREND.
    I think it is PHantastic PHod.
    Butt being sort of realistic... I don't suppose the Groundhog OR Lee feel the same as WE DO.

    YOU did SUPER buddy. Just SUPER ..... you should tell your mom that you need 3 EXTRA treats fur this episode.

  9. Yay Phod!!! Good for you pup!!! So glad he listened well like to to you. Some dogs definitely wouldn't when it comes to outdoor critters running around!
    I don't think my one husky would listen of it were him in that position. But the other two do.
    You do deserve the best dog award Phod!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. He is awesome! Maybe he thought it was THE Groundhog...Punxsatauny Phil and he was telling him that he should be making Spring arrive.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

    Anyway, that Groundhog has a tale to tell when he gets home. Will probably say he chased away a big dog.

  11. Phod bravo for being so well behaved and obeying your mum. It is very important to listen and we give you a ton of high fives and might I suggest extra treats...
    One time a cricket was playing hide and seek with me. Stoooopied cricket was excited and kept chirping so I found it.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  12. What a wonderful example of a calm, submissive dog-Phod that is. Our Hunter chases wild bunnies in our back yard all the time; I just hope he never gets close because he would get scratched or bitten. Not that he would want to hurt the critter, just play. I think all dogs would have wanted to chase the groundhog. We have Prairie Dogs here that are like small ground hogs and I think at our daughter's new house they will have them. I hear that if you have dogs, they will find another home. I think lots of extra treats are a reward for Phod.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  13. I know the relief you're feeling as well as those good feelings knowing that Phod did as he was asked at a moment when he really needed too. Kudos to both of you!! :-)!

  14. Phod IS the best dog ever!! He must be a real cool dog!

  15. A big paws up for Phod!! That is some good self control. I am glad it turned out OK. If you would have got him I could have made you some groundhog pizza. Just sayin...

    Love Sasha

  16. Oooo on reading that I was not sure if the groundhog was going to make it...... whew..... mum was relieved!! Well done Phod!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  17. WOW Phod.....the BEST EVER dog??? Congratulations my friend...that's a BIG DEAL..... ;)

    Hugs, Sam

  18. What a great story. I'm chuckling though because Hailey must think you two are crazy nuts. I mean, a groundhog was right there and all you and Phod did with it was play and shoo it away. Bet Hailey would have done it different.

  19. Phod you are such a good boy, you need to teach naughty knickers Hailey BOL.. We don't get those over here . xxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  20. Well done Phod! I'm not sure I would've resisted. I bet the groundhog would've been fun to play with!

  21. Well done Phod!! And I'm pleased to see no groundhogs were harmed in the making of this post :0)


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