Friday, September 21, 2012

Travelin' Lady

The reality in my life currently is that I am traveling more for work. Much of this is a choice, I do work for myself, so I could work and travel less, but I know I would miss some amazing opportunities if I said no to travel. It of course has gotten a little worse since we move to the country (we are just further from things).

The biggest problem with being on the road, is I miss my dogs. That is right, I look at them before I go and I think to myself, I am missing precious moments of their short lives. Of course I know they are safe and well taken care of by the Man (just because he does things differently doesn't mean they are wrong), I just miss them.

So I sit in my hotel room this morning part enjoying the peace and quiet of a morning (that never happens at home, so it is a treat), part looking forward to my day (I am at an exciting workshop) and part feeling guilty and missing my dogs (I am resigned to the fact that the cats probably don't miss me). Life is all about making choices and even good choices have a bad side.

However, maybe being away may have some advantages. For example, on Wednesday before I left, we had a horrible morning walk (the dogs decided they both needed to try and get the horses and I couldn't get my balance and I ended up being dragged a little), Phoddy refused to go poop for me (and therefore pooped on the floor during the day), while getting something from the closet, Miss Lee jumped up on the bed and peed all over it (just after being out and peeing a lot, apparently she was mad at me). So perhaps sometimes a little distance is a good thing!  As the saying goes "absence makes the heart grow fonder."

I do very much look forward to seeing them late tonight and spending lots of time with them on the weekend! [Oh and because he will likely read this, I really miss my husband too!]


  1. Enjoy your break away at the workshop and the weekend will be wonderful one when you get home. Naughty doglets with the horses again. Take Care.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Reuniting is always the best thing about traveling without our furkids. Safe travels!


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