Friday, September 14, 2012

My new life - by Lee

I feel that Zaphod has been getting far too much attention on my blog. As you will notice it is called the Hailey Chronicles and not the Zaphod Chronicles. I don't remember Gemi getting as much attention. I have hijacked the blog today to write about what I think of this new life in a new house, in a new province.

First, I would like to say, I don't think my lady has been depicting me as the angel I am. I think she may be giving everyone the wrong impression about me. So I thought French doors were needed and tried to help take out a wall. Further anyone who goes to knows I could learn a thing or two about really giving my people a hard time.

Moving to the country has been exciting and hard at the same time. It sounds different, smells different, looks different and feels different. I don't think my Lady has noticed all the differences.

Here are the things I like:
-way more cool smells every day
-the best sweet grass to eat
-I have turkeys and deer to chase
-I love the toads that visit every night. I keep licking them hoping one will turn into my prince.
-I get to go on lots of walks
- our new house is big and I can run around more. I like my people to see what a great player I am and I like to get Zaphod to come and play right in front of them.
-most of the time I like Zaphod, my new friend. I don't totally love him yet, but I do like to wrestle with him.

Things I don't like:
-I don't get to be off leash. I at least had our little yard and trips to the dog park which I don't get.
-Because I am not off leash I don't get to eat poop or hunt the animals I want. I have been trying to trick my lady to take me to where the poop is in the bush to eat, but she won't let me.
-it is really, really dark some nights and that is not good, it makes me nervous and early morning walkings in the dark and mist sort of creep me out.
-Sometimes Zaphod gets all the attention and I get jealous
-Rain and storms sound very scary out here and I have to wear my stupid shirt. I get so mad I can't move. My lady says this is great because then I can't destroy things.
-My Lady is out a little longer some days. She says it is because of extra driving time, even though  my man is home sooner, I think she just likes to torture me. I get very excited when she comes home and scratch her to show her how much I missed her.
-I miss my dog walker Stephanie

Overall, I don't think this is a horrible place to be. I am doing my very best to be a good girl, but it can be challenging. I am a free spirit who likes to do her own thing and not be constricted by my people.

My Lady says I should thank everyone for reading my blog, so thanks. And thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say about the new world order. Time to wrestle!


  1. We don't like the boom boom storms either. Have a fabulous Friday and go have a great wrestle.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Lee, chin up, life is grand per PIPand we agree. Your peeps love way more then you think, they take all of the time to tell stories about you.

    Your Furends
    Susie & Bites

    Pees; We still don't believe that you tore up the wall, as Dougall says "Some Doggie Did It"

  3. Storms can be kind of scary. I'm sure Gloria would agree that it sucks when you don't get to eat poop! LOL!

  4. People say I am lucky that I have my people, but I don't know. Thanks for stopping by! Hailey


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