Saturday, September 22, 2012

It wasn't me - by Lee

My Lady went away and while I was mad and peed on the bed while she was packing, I was good while she was away. By good I mean I didn't destroy anything or pee on anything. It isn't the same without my Lady. I love my Man but he does things wrong.

Yesterday, while my Man was home, and before my Lady got back, Zaphod got into my Lady's laundry basket and ate a pair of her underwear. For once it wasn't me doing back things.

When Lady got home after midnight, we were both so excited to see her. She did a good job at loving us both in the bed and she snuggled me for a couple hours. She wasn't thrilled to be getting up to put my thunder shirt on cause it was raining and thundering and she isn't happy that one of us got into the cat food again (I am saying it wasn't me). It is nice to have her home.

I am glad that Zaphod did something bad, so everyone knows I am not the only naughty pup.


  1. Sorry but we are laughing at the laundry incident. Hope you had a good time and welcome back. Have a lovely Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly


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