Thursday, September 6, 2012

A month of Phod

An outtake from our pictures. I think he is sticking his tongue out cause I am not throwing the ball!

Time flies when you are having fun! Zaphod has been a member of our pack for one month now. This means his 30 day probation period is behind us and he is ours for life. Not once did we ever think he wasn't for us. We did wonder if they would take Hailey back instead (just joking). We are very happy to have our angel.

The only issue with having such an angel, is that it makes the devil (aka Hailey Bug) a little more pronounced, hehehehehehe!

Our only "issues" with him (and I use the term lightly):  He sheds a lot, but we are hoping as he gets healthier (he was very underweight when he was rescued) and daily brushing will mean that by the end of the week the floors won't be covered in his blonde hair. (We know it is his cause he is the only light coloured pet); he likes to rip all the fluff out of the babies. We have to sweep more because of this, but given all his wonderful qualities, we can so live with this.

To Phod, may you continue to be a wonderful edition to our pack!


  1. My times flies. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. So handsome! I was worried about Loki's fur when we first got him, it was Shed City! Maybe its the new food, maybe its the new healthy weight, maybe its the season, but its vastly improved. The vet said hes a "different and such a happy, healthy dog from when I met him in April" I can't wait to hear more about your pack!

    1. That gives me hope that his coat will work out too! It seems a little better this week. Fingers crossed.

  3. So was he adopted through Catahoula Rescue, too?


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