Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Adventures of an Old Cat

Baggy, trying to cool off. 

Baggy is 17. He is king of the castle in his old age. His new trick is to go out and lay on the deck in the morning. We allow this because we know he is not going to go anywhere. Somehow the other day, he got left on the deck all day. When the Man got home he couldn't find him anywhere. Panic! The deck got hot in the afternoon sun, so Baggy did what any smart old guy would do, he found shade. The Man found him laying happily (and by happily I mean bitching and moaning and not wanting to come in) under the hedge. He had to force him to come back in. He was none the worse for wear. Had a snack, a big drink and a nap. This doesn't seem to deter him, he is still going out every day (and the other evening when it was cooling down!)

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  1. Eep! I can totally see how that happened. I left Miko outside one day. Not all day.. but for a couple of hours. Thankfully it wasn't blistering out.. but I still felt bad. I was busy working and only realized when I heard the faint barking..


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