Friday, June 15, 2012

Erratic Blogger

I fear for about the next week I am going to be an erratic blogger. I will do my best but I fear until this house is on the market my free time will be spent packing, cleaning and dealing with all that other pre-moving stuff that need to be done right away. I will try to give a few weekly updates:) I appreciate all your patience while we do this. The reward for this craziness is below (assuming the bank stops being stupid and just approves the mortgage . . . FYI having the money in the bank and A+ credit doesn't make mortgage getting easy . . . .but this is not the time nor place for that . . . it will work out!).

I realized last night and Lee curled up between us in bed to get some love, how stressed she is about this. I wish she would understand when I tell her, you are coming with us . . . you will love your huge new yard. At least she is not destroying things out of stress . . . yet!


  1. Moving is hard, way to many memories, our first one was bad, we thought we wer going to be let behind, turns out, they were saving us for last so all of our stuff would be there to make it a welcome site.


  2. yuki and rocket were a little unsure when we first moved last year. once i let them sniff every inch of the new house and all our furniture and belongings arrived with 'our' scent, they were okay. moving people, etc. did scare them, but when they were gone and it was just the family, humans and dogs, they were okay because the 'pack' was all together.

  3. Ugh, I feel your pain. We just went through moving everyone to the new place. Thankfully our cats were with someone else. Our dog however was used to living in a full house with another dog. The first night at the new place, she spent about half an hour running around looking for everyone! Really cute and kind of sad all at the same time.
    Good luck with the move! I hope things go beyond smoothly :)

  4. Thanks! I am sure once the move happens and we get settled she (and the rest of us) will all be happier! It is this moving prep that is stressful!

    August 1 will be here before we know it!

  5. Oh that is LOVELY!

    Once upon a time I used to be a downtown girl. Then I got dogs, so we moved to the suburbs. Now I want a house in the country. For the dogs.

    Funny how things change.


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